We, as the experienced licensed real estate appraiser,
appraise the real estate value precisely and satisfy customers completely.

Investigate and appraise the value of properties for the following purposes.

  • Companies under Corporation Reorganization Act and Civil Rehabilitation Act.
  • Accounting of companies
  • Securitization of real estates
  • Mortgage of real estates for financing
  • Transformation of corporations into public service corporations
  • Inheritance
  • Sale or exchange
  • Consulting, for example, utilization of corporate properties and development plans of properties.
  • Leasing of properties ,rent ,ground rent, fee for renewal of contracts and fee for change of contractors, price of leasehold, price of tenant right.
  • Arbitration of rights among investors of the same building and among property owners for redevelopment projects.

Estate Agency

  • Advise on sale / purchase
  • Project Marketing
  • Property Investments & Consultancy
  • Advice on Corporate Real Estate Strategy
  • Rental Review & Negotiation
  • Private Tender / Auction of Properties

Market Research & Feasibility

  • Project financing and project break-even analysis
  • Market demand-supply analysis
  • Price and rental trend analysis
  • Best development concept and development mix
  • Cash flow projections, projected development cost and financing requirements
  • Conduct surveys to identify suitable sites for selection
  • Advise on development options to make project feasible

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