Director’s Message

We were established in 2000 by more than eighty real estate appraisers from all over Japan in order to reply to the on-coming demands, such as appraisal of the real estates for accounting , securitization of real estates, properties located all over Japan owned by public organizations and big corporations.

Our members are located all over Japan and have the abundant appraisal experiences and know the local real estate market very well. We can provide the precise real estate appraisal on your request.

Since the establishment, we have performed a lot of real estate appraisals, especially for public organizations and big private companies ,for securitization, for companies under Corporation Reorganization Act or Corporation Rehabilitation Act.

We have abundant know-how on these real estate appraisals.

We are also associating with VPC Asia Pacific group , alliance with powerful real estate appraisers of Asian Countries.

We can provide the overseas real estate appraisal service and consultancy service through these networks.

We are confident that we can satisfy you through our services and are looking forward to working for you.

Representative Director Masahiro Watanabe

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